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Friday, September 30, 2005

Euro Blogging by Post comes from Valisa!

Ah! I really dont know where to start this from! It has arrived and its here and its beautiful!! First of all I would like to thank you Valisa for what you sent and how you sent it. I have to say it feels like Christmas has arrived today, just much better than Christmas!
I always think that cooking for someone or giving food to someone is infact an act of love and that is how I felt today, loved by someone I didnt even know the exsistence before and really made my day!
But lets see what's inside :
- volkoren koek. Dutch classic for breakfast good with eat or just plain.
- another Dutch classic Valisa says. chocolate and fruit flavour, can be eaten with bread or use on sweets. (hmmm ideas..!)
- a packet of mie konde noodles!
- little brownies with walnuts and almond that Valisa made with her own hands and a box of chocolate and almonds shortbread! (Already tasted as well and delicious too!)
- chrysanthemum chinese tea (which I never heard of it before, looks very interesting!)
- home made apple chutney! (cant wait to try this one)
- Dutch cumin cheese (Oh god! never had this one either, I have got an idea for tonight already :-)
- and last but not least, a lovely chinese cute little box of beauty powder. Very similar to borotalco, at least it smells like so and its not for eating! :D , though it looks lovely and Lisa spotted my asian addiction as well. I am styding japanese and soon I will be able to read whats written on the cute box too ;-)
- mixed Dutch sweets.
Well as you can see its all good. I will talk about the ingredients more as I try to figure out what to make out of them !
Thanks again to Andrew for this lovely idea and for the coordination. xox
You can visit Valisa's blog at http://lekkertje.blogspot.com


Anonymous toasted dice...

chrysanthemum tea tastes really good when it's SWEET and COLD!! hope you like it too!

5:15 AM


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