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Monday, September 12, 2005

Hazelnuts and Walnuts Muffins

Ingredients: 300gr flour, 200gr sugar, 6 Tbsp unsweetneed cocoa powder, 2 Tbsp baking powder, 40gr chopped hazelnuts, 40gr chopped walnuts, 1 pich salt, 500ml water, 190ml vegetable or olive oil, 2 Tbsp rice vinegar, 2 tsp vanilla extract
Pre heat the oven at 180 C (350 F). Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl first (flour, sugar, cocoa, baking powder, salt, hazelnuts and nuts finely chopped with a mixer). Add then the oil, vinegar, vanilla and water. Mix all well together until smooth.
Pour the mixture into muffing containers and bake for 40/45 minutes.
*Inspired by the Bakingsheet


Blogger Nic dice...

What a great idea to use hazelnuts - it's a delicious combination with chocolate. I'm glad using sugar instead of the maple syrup worked out!

2:32 PM

Blogger Isil S. dice...

glad that you have so many vegan recipes, esp. sweets.( I have difficulty in finding vegan sweet recipes.)
I will definitely try this recipe.

4:18 PM

Blogger fiordizucca dice...

hello nic! yes it worked fine with sugar, soft and tasty. but i'll have to buy some maple and try that version as well. thanks for the inspiration. :)

12:43 AM

Blogger fiordizucca dice...

hi isil. you are welcome! many more vegan recipeto follow. i just have so much fun baking and cooking vegan even though i am not vegan myself. but it is interesting to see how food taste delicious any way. keep checking :)

12:47 AM


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